Monday, February 3, 2014

Killed By The Draft

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh
to keep yourself from crying.


Hello world...

Here I'm still trying to finish Project Dawn draft.
After several drafts couldn't be completed and set aside because I was spending more time on the road, this draft shouldn't be treated so.
It's part of a mini-series that I worked with friends. So, it should be completed on time.

The problem is... this draft affected my emotions so much.
Word by word pierced my heart. Killing me slowly. Sometimes, I stop writing.... and crying.
Gosh! It feels... it feels so heavy to write until the ending.

The progress... it became very slow. Sometimes, I just stared at the letters that glowed on my laptop screen all day.
Then every night, I dream of unpleasant things, and waking up screaming or crying.

What's up with me?
Well, I don't want to talk about it. Really.

Until this moment, I'm still struggling to finish the story.
It seems this draft like cutting my heart, bit by bit, then soaked them in a memory tube containing vinegar and liquid chemicals. Fyuh!

But it's okay.
I have to finish it. For the sake of someone, who I will meet later when the universe was over.

Pray for me, will you?

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